The Houseterns

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Three former Houseterns came back to Washington for their fraternity reunion. Scott went to Harvard Law, Jack is a banker in California and Christian went to Army Officer Training program. He joked that the kitchen at LPB was far more difficult.


A lot of entertaining goes on at Le Poisson Bleu and sometimes it’s impossible to put it all together. At work, we have interns who help the team research, follow hearings and support other functions of the firm. Since they are all in college, it helps them sample different areas as they formulate their careers.

Every Fourth of July we host a big pool party and get a keg, which never gets finished. I foolishly thought the houseterns would just return the full keg until I saw this pop up on Facebook. Housetern Scott finally admitted it was an annual tradition to take the keg back to campus and finish it there.

With so many events at the house, we created the role of a Housetern, which is basically an intern for the house during parties and events. Houseterns help cut and chop in the kitchen, along with serving and cleaning. It’s a flexible gig for college students. The first Housetern, Jared, was introduced to us by an office staffer, Dom, who went on to the Officer Training program of the Marine Corps. We are now on the fifth round, or so, of Houseterns, including several younger siblings of the original crew. It’s a good lesson in management as they pick and choose who replaces exiting Housterns, organizing the schedule and police each other while working. It also offers life lessons in the kitchen, often to the surprise of their parents. The best story: When Housetern Jack went home one Christmas, he cooked a family dinner. At graduation, when his parents were visiting Washington, his mother and father marveled at how he had learned to cook in college.

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Houseterns working hard at an epic beach party on the sandbar in front of Station 28 1/2 on Sullivan’s Island.

Several joined the military after graduation, including some who were deployed to the front lines of Afghanistan and Iraq. Β It has been joked that working at Le Poisson Bleu prepares them for their military endeavors.

Housetern Will setting up the outdoor Christmas Tree, while Kait and I offer support from the ground.

The Housesterns get to know a wide range of people from CEOs, celebrity chefs, political leaders, journalists and many other friends.

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Long-time Houseterns Jamie, Peter and Greg spend some time with the founder of Lululemon, Chip Wilson, who came down from Vancouver for a dinner at the Sphere Hill House. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
Sometimes guests take on the role of Housterns when college is out of session, etc…only in SC as DC people don’t like to help.