LPB Test Kitchen

It took a year to simplify braised short ribs and make them just as delicious as Balthazar in New York but it was worth the effort.

I travel a lot for work and depending on the assignment, projects bring the Sphere team  to many incredible spots, from the Mideast to Vancouver or beyond.  This means a lot of amazing meals at all sorts of restaurants, where we often stumble onto a dish that we try to make at home.  When we try to recreate these dishes, we open up our world-famous Le Poisson Bleu Test Kitchen (same kitchen, just a temporary brand so people know what to expect.) Basically, it’s a party with food that we’ve never made before.

We send out the test kitchen time and date to our friends and away we go. It can be around a pool party or just sitting in the kitchen, with wine flowing.  Or both.

It’s not a formal meal, rather an array of different dishes you’re trying out for the first time and fine-tuning them based on feedback.  It took an entire summer to create the perfect Chicken Salad,which really is a fantastic dish. One thing is key: pushing your guests to give honest feedback because most are inclined to say everything is just great.

  1. Bacon Spinach
  2. Baked Eggplant with Shrimp, Mozzarella, Parmesan and Shrimp
  3. Baked Herbed Clams
  4. Baked Herbed Mussels
  5. Basic Pasta Recipe
  6. Beef Kaftas
  7. Beef Stew
  8. Beef Wellington
  9. Bibb Lettuce Salad
  10. Braised Short-Rib Ravioli with wine reduction and horseradish cream foam
  11. Braised Veal over Creamy Polenta
  12. Breadsticks
  13. Cabbage Pancake
  14. Chicken Croquettes
  15. Chicken Parmesan
  16. Chocolate Moose
  17. Crusty Rustic Bread with Tomato Basil
  18. Escargot
  19. Fancy Steak Nachos
  20. Fried Eggplant Stack
  21. Fried Green Tomatoes with Pork Belly and Feta
  22. Fried Oyster Sliders with Spicy Cilantro Coleslaw
  23. Fried Risotto Balls
  24. Fried Saganaki Cheese 🇬🇷
  25. Greek Salad
  26. Grilled Clams & Shrimp with Shallot Basil Butter
  27. Grilled Lobster
  28. Ground Lamb & Pickle Patty Melt
  29. Ground Lamb on Hummus
  30. Hash Browns
  31. Herbed Parmasean Fries
  32. Iberico Ham Chorizo Sausages over Potato Crisps
  33. Lamb & Clams
  34. Lobster & Shrimp Raviolis with Herbs
  35. Lobster Gumbo
  36. Marinara Sauce
  37. Mashed Horseradish Yukon Potatoes
  38. Mashed Potatoes
  39. Minestrone Soup 🇮🇹
  40. Mini Lobster and Shrimp Rolls
  41. Mushroom Risotto
  42. Old Bay Peel & Eat Shrimp
  43. Parmasean Pancakes
  44. Potatoes Anna
  45. Prosciutto & Basil Baked Scallops
  46. Pureed Sunchokes
  47. Red Velvet Cupcakes
  48. Red Wine Reduction
  49. Red Wine Risotto w/ Braised Beef
  50. Roasted Basil Salmon on Israeli Couscous
  51. Roasted Chilean Sea Bass on Pesto Polenta
  52. Roasted Chorizo Chips
  53. Roasted Garlic Puree
  54. Roasted Garlic Shrimp
  55. Roasted Halibut with Garlic Spinach
  56. Roasted Herbed Feta Cheese
  57. Roasted Shrimp with Feta and Marinara Sauce
  58. Scallop Ceviche
  59. Scalloped Potatoes with Morrell Mushrooms
  60. Scallops Provencal
  61. Scrambles Eggs with Shaved White Truffles
  62. Seafood Risotto
  63. Sheppard’s Macaroni & Cheese
  64. Shrimp & Pimento Grits
  65. Shrimp and Yogurt
  66. Shrimp Cocktail
  67. Shrimp Croquettes
  68. Shrimp Ravioli
  69. Spicy Bacon and Onion Dip
  70. Strawberry Water
  71. Stuffed Bell Peppers
  72. Sullivan’s Island Steak and Fries 🇺🇸
  73. The Cheese board
  74. The Lobster Clam Bake
  75. The Oyster Roast
  76. The Oyster Roast, Northern Style
  77. Tomato Tar Tar
  78. Waffles with Butter Syrup