2018 in Review…

We certainly cooked a lot this year and have a lot more on tap for 2019.  People ask why did we started this blog.  We actually had one before at http://www.courto.com but it was hacked and there were some interesting pictures posted from a foreign land so we had to pull it down.  But at the heart of it is that this is a resource for our own kitchen and parties since we do so many of them.  We constantly update, tinker and work on the recipes we cook for guests, colleagues and everyone else at the table.

We get a lot of questions so here are some answers:

Q.  Why do you post at odd times?

A.  It is very rare that we post as we cook, usually the recipe is written down and a few snaps of the iPhone happen in real time then they get stored and posted when some free time pops up.

Q.  Who do you cook for?

A.  Hungry people that we like.  It is a mix of purely social with some business mixed in  but always for fun,  

Q. Favorite things to cook?

A. Depends on the season and what is fresh.  We set the menu on what is the freshest seasonal fruits and veggies.

Q.  What is Le Poisson Bleu all about?

A.  It is a wooden antique fish we bought after brunch in New York City.  It is actually a blue fish when a Canadian friend saw it and said oh “Le Poisson Bleu.”  We were redoing a kitchen and it fit on the wall so there was the beginning of the label.

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