2018 In Review

39,001 visitors from these 83 countries in 2018: United States United Kingdom Canada India Singapore Argentina Switzerland Spain Germany Tunisia UAE Algeria Ireland Malaysia Australia Portugal Chile France Mexico Greece Morocco Romania Italy Saudi Arabia Sweden Bahamas Russia Indonesia Philippines China Netherlands Guernsey Brazil Hong Kong Andorra Pakistan Ghana Japan Qatar Belgium South Africa Turkey Israel Hungary Bahrain South Korea Botswana Vietnam Dominican Republic Luxemburg Puerto Rico New Zealand Curacao Barbados Maldives Thailand Guadeloupe Zimbabwe Costa Rico Denmark Poland Iraq Iceland Ukraine Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Egypt Seychelles Jordan Sint Maarten Honduras Jersey Czech Republic Bangladesh Belarus Afganistan Isle of Man Serbia … Continue reading 2018 In Review

Mortadella Toasted Cheese Sandwich with Sriracha Aioli

I remember loving bologna & cheese sandwiches on white bread, conveniently put into a sandwich bag then into a paper sack with some chips and perhaps a cookie.  It would somehow sit in a locker for half the day only to be retrieved for lunch at Hampton Academy (HAJH), a small school in the seacoast of New Hampshire.  It was always a delicious lunch. Then it happened in the North End of Boston, I had my first slice or mortadella and it was amazing with the cubed pork fat, pistachios  and peppercorns bringing bologna to an entire new level.  I … Continue reading Mortadella Toasted Cheese Sandwich with Sriracha Aioli