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Super Bowl LVI

I find that at every Super Bowl party we have had there are sports fans or those who can’t wait for the commercials and half-time. However, everyone love a guiltless plunge into endless tasty treats. Here are some ideas:


Strombolis are great for a game day snack especially if you’re having a party. Just make the pizza dough then its deli meat and some sliced banana peppers, herbs, red pepper flakes and a splash of vinegar then bake, slice and serve. Ingredients Pizza dough rolled out extremely thin, pressing over corn meal to giveContinue Reading

Super Easy Meatball Sub

Two Island friends, Grace and Cintra, always ask for easy and casual recipes. I have tried to make many different items but in the end they turn out to be a disaster. Then came Rao’s “Made from Home” frozen Meatballs & Sauce. Be sure to follow the baking instructions as the microwave path makes themContinue Reading

“Italian Sub” Pizza

I’ve always loved a traditional Italian sub with the meats, cheeses, veggies, oil, vinegar, herbs… but oftentimes just too much bread. I also love them served heated. One day we were having a party and experimented with a version of the sub sandwich made as a pizza; it was delicious. You can either buy store-madeContinue Reading

Lamb Chili

I love chili, but not to the extent that it deserves half a day of work and 50 ingredients, some of which must come from specialty stores.  So this is an easy, tasty and different take on Chili that brings Tex-Mex and Greek cooking to a crossroads. Serves 8 people Ingredients 2 cups red onions,Continue Reading

Italian Beef Stew

When the cold weather comes it’s time to turn to some classic hearty dishes like beef stew. I have had a lot of tasteless versions of this dish but the deep slow cooking of just a bit of hearty read wine and the beef makes for the base of a delicious sauce. The anchovy pasteContinue Reading

Mini Wagyu Ground Beef Bites

These mini treats are rich with flavor and adding some deeply golden onions and a touch of Sriracha brandy aioli over a toasted brioche roll make a delicious start to any party. Like any burger the main attraction is the quality of the beef so plan ahead and go to Kow Cattle Company and orderContinue Reading

Mini Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Don’t judge. Sometimes a tasty snack that reminds you of growing up can be a delicious party treat. I buy high quality mini hotdogs and wrap them in thickly-sliced hickory smoked bacon from the butcher, and they are always the first to go. I am a big fan of “Fork in the Road” min dogsContinue Reading

Mini Puff Pastry Pizzas

The after hours menu at Claridge’s Hotel in London is a spectacular celebration of late night food which is troublesome, especially with their puff pastry pizza option dangling out there at 2 AM or so.  It’s too delicious to pass up but do you really need a sheet of pastry dough drenched with cheese, sauceContinue Reading

Mini Bacon Toasts with Herbed Mayonnaise

This is a simple appetizer or if you want to get fancy then you can go ahead and call them canapés.  Either or, we have a host of different variations of BLTs, such as: Roasted Bacon, Tomato and Lettuce Mini Sandwiches or Bacon, Cheese & Crisp Lettuce Rolls but this is the smallest of them all and perfect forContinue Reading

Mini Burger Hors D’oeuvres

We started going down to South Beach in Miami when there were just a handful of hotels and fewer restaurants.  At that time, there was one hotel and one restaurant that really stood out:  The Delano Hotel and Casa Tua Restaurant.  Luckily there were a block apart and we would rarely leave that area backContinue Reading

Mini Fish Tacos

My first fish taco was brought to me at the pool at the Delano Hotel on Miami’s South Beach.  The hotel is stark, with white on white fabrics and drapes flowing everywhere.  It was one of the first major overhauls of an iconic art-deco hotel from when the area was a lively and flourishing vacationContinue Reading

Mini BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

We say mini-sandwiches others say sliders, regardless these tiny treats are a great snack or appetizer.  I butterfly a chicken breast and let them marinate in the BBQ sauce for six hours.  Pick any barbecue sauce or make your own.  I have never made a sauce I like more than Sweet Baby Rays that youContinue Reading

Beef Carpaccio

Giuseppe Cipriani’s started a world famous bar & restaurant, Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy. He created not only the Bellini there but a few yers later he introduced the world to Beef Carpaccio.  “Carpaccio” has now become most types of beef, veal, lamb or fish that has been thinly sliced and served as an appetizer.Continue Reading

Tomato Basil Bruschetta

Tomato season really livens up the menu and when I am serving a 🍅 Tomato & Burrata Salad  there is always left over tomato ends that aren’t good looking enough it make the dish.  I will cut out the core and chop the tomatoes and mix in red onion, basil and put one a mixture ofContinue Reading

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Sticks

We had one of our best meals of the year a great new spot on Great Diamond Island off the coast of Maine. The Crown Jewel is truly that and if you are ever in the area be sure to boat out there and enjoy some spectacular food. Their sweet and spicy bacon was anContinue Reading

Cheddar & Gruyere Toasts

Freeman’s Restaurant in the East Village of New York City is an outstanding casual, semi-hipster restaurant stuck away at the end of an alley that attracts huge crowds and tons of celebrities, authors, and a few tourists.  The New York Times described the restaurant best:  “…Appalachia, a British hunting lodge and a suburban 1950’s dinner party allContinue Reading

Cheddar & Jalapeño Biscuits

We love a tasty biscuit, and like everything, there are thousands of recipes – we use several of them. These biscuits pack a spicy mix, and are quick to make. You can also make some amazing biscuit sandwich like this breakfast bacon biscuit. Ingredients 2 cups White Lily self-rising flour 1 1/2 teaspoon kosher saltContinue Reading

Grilled Shrimp & Couscous

This meal is made for a lunch or dinner while you sit out on the porch on a hot summer day. It’s an amazingly simple meal and is best to make hours in advance and serve at room temperature or slightly chilled. The herbs, feta, lemon, all come together for a casual delicious meal. ThereContinue Reading

Cookies & Cabernet during the Covid-19 Pandemic

I am a big believer in good cookies to end a dinner – and I mean very good cookies. Recently, I found a greater purpose for these tasty treats. When the lock-downs started to roll through the United States, it was tough to keep in touch with people beyond never-ending mass text chains. If IContinue Reading

Ice Cream Sandwiches

We do a lot of work related meals and hate to have them actually 100% work related.  Washington is known for the “salon” dinner where people sit around and talk policy all night, which can be important, but there should also be some room to just relax and enjoy the night.  I think the menuContinue Reading

Brownie Trifle

If you are having a big group over for a party, there’s a year round dessert guests devour. If you are in a hurry, you can find a good bakery and buy the brownies or make them yourself. Either way, once you layer them with whipped cream and toffee bars, you have a spectacular dessert.Continue Reading

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