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Short Rib Pizza

This is for leftover short-ribs as the processes too long and expensive to whip out short ribs just for a pizza. However when we make short ribs for a dinner, we always make a lot extra for a host of tasty treats from raviolis to dumplings.


Making it

  • Turn your pizza oven to 750 degrees or our regular over with a pizza stone toward the bottom wrack at 500 degrees
  • Mix the sriracha with mayo and put in a squirt bottle
  • Take out the rolled-out dough and place on a pizza wheel with a good dose of corn meal sprinkled on top
  • Add the sauce then cover with cheese, onions and thyme
  • Add the short rib to the top of the pizza and cook for the recommended time (2 min for pizza oven 10-12 for regular oven)
  • Remove and drizzle the sauce on top, cut and serve

Other Short Rib Recipes

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