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The Ooni Pizza

I am not a fan of having a lot of extra cooking devices so I believed that a pizza stone on the grill was good enough at 700 degrees But the stone got so hot you could only cook the pizza from the bottom up and had to remove it before the top was fully cooked so I would finish off under the broiler in the kitchen.

In a COVID rationale, I bough an Oooni 16 inch gas powered oven and it has been a winner. Here is an easy dough and some idea on how make some tasty pizzas…but BE SURE NOT TO COOK AT THE RECOMMENDED TEMPS ON THESE RECIPES. EACH PIZZA SHOULD TAKE 1-2 MINUTES AND BE SURE TO rotate as cooking.

Pizza Dough

There are a million ways to make pizzas, but like everything else the ingredients make the pie truly delicious. Most kitchen ovens top out at 500 degrees so I put the pizza stone on the gas grill and bring it to around 650 degrees, which makes a very tasty and crisp pizza. I also finishContinue Reading

Quick Herbed Pizza Dough

Our signature pizza at Le Poisson Bleu is made with puff pastry dough and is cooked on a  lined baking sheet.  However, sometimes we get a few pizza stones out and make a traditional pizza sauce and, of course, an easy to make dough that is ready in about an hour.  We cook the pizzasContinue Reading

Pizza Sauce

If you are going to make a pizza from scratch be sure to make a fresh sauce by slow roasting top quality canned peeled whole tomatoes. It’s very simple and yields a flavorful kick to every pizza pie. Ingredients 2 28 ounce cans of top quality peeled whole tomatoes, cut in half and seeded 1Continue Reading

“Italian Sub” Pizza

I’ve always loved a traditional Italian sub with the meats, cheeses, veggies, oil, vinegar, herbs… but oftentimes just too much bread. I also love them served heated. One day we were having a party and experimented with a version of the sub sandwich made as a pizza; it was delicious. You can either buy store-madeContinue Reading

Muffaleta Pizza

This is truly a (deli) meat lover’s pizza that you can either make with your own pizza dough, or store-bought puff pastry sheets. Both versions are just as delicious as the other. Follow either recipe below until the point when you put the sauce on the pizza, and then take it from here: Ingredients TopContinue Reading

The Pizza Party

As you know we are a big proponent of the five senses rule for any party. The most significant part of connecting with your guests’ senses is hitting their taste buds, the most important ‘sense’ in a party. I would say that ‘taste’ is the only objective sense and it is based mostly on theContinue Reading

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