Super Bowl 2021

The game was rather lop-sided so it was a good thing we made lots of our favorites to make it through the night. Here is what we whipped up:

Greek Egg Rolls

Ok, this recipe is a bit of a head scratcher for my Greek relatives, but think of it as Greek-Asian fusion. This is a richer version of cheeseburger eggrolls that can be found in a lot of sports bars. Those tend to be short on taste, and long on salt, to get you ordering moreContinue Reading

Tuna Tacos

Friends on the island put together an amazing dinner that kicked off with the best martini I have had in a long time. Almost too good, to be frank. The star of the night was a tuna pizza that was filled with flavor and texture that made it a truly spectacular entrΓ©e. No one knowsContinue Reading

Traditional Beef Chili (sort of)

Our signature chili is our Greek Lamb Chili, but our friend Helene hates lambs and loves chili. Β This is slight variation of that chili but remains a rich and very tasty dish for all to enjoy. Serves 6-8 people Ingredients 2 cups red onions, chopped 2 cups green peppers, chopped 1 red hot chili pepper,Continue Reading

Cookies & Cabernet during the Covid-19 Pandemic

I am a big believer in good cookies to end a dinner – and I mean very good cookies. Recently, I found a greater purpose for these tasty treats. When the lock-downs started to roll through the United States, it was tough to keep in touch with people beyond never-ending mass text chains. If IContinue Reading

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