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Thanksgiving Leftovers

Here are a lot of recipes for turkey leftovers, most of them call for chicken, but just swap the protein out for your leftover turkey meat.

Chicken & Sage Sausage Curried Stew

This is a great winter dish and really makes a one pot meal since it is veggie rich, packs a huge amount of flavor in each spoonful. (You can use turkey instead of the chicken). I love to serve this at parties as you can make in advance and just heat up in the ovenContinue Reading

Chicken LP-Bog

If you have ever visited us on Sullivan’s Island then you no doubt have been to the Obstinate Daughter for the Friday night welcome dinner.  Since guests always come in on Friday, but at different times, we kick the weekend off with cocktails at the house, usually the Frozen Vodka with Basil and then golf cart downContinue Reading

Spicy Chicken & Mushroom Soup

Chicken soup can be delicious but often bland so I like to turn up the heat with Sriracha and soy sauce, add some cheese raviolis, button mushrooms to join the rest of the usual suspects. At the heart of a taste soup you need homemade chicken stock. There is no way around this and youContinue Reading

Chicken Biscuits

Curry Chicken Pot Pie with Cheesy Biscuits

When summer slips into fall and heartier dishes make their way to the menu, I always kick off the season change with a chicken pot pie.  I grew up on them and loved the ones served at Horsefeathers in North Conway, New Hampshire where we lived for many of ski seasons.  After a full dayContinue Reading

Mini BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

We say mini-sandwiches others say sliders, regardless these tiny treats are a great snack or appetizer.  I butterfly a chicken breast and let them marinate in the BBQ sauce for six hours.  Pick any barbecue sauce or make your own.  I have never made a sauce I like more than Sweet Baby Rays that youContinue Reading

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