LPB Top Ten Recipes

Here are the ten most popular recipes posted in the last 365 days, in order of most popular on top.

Cookies & Cabernet during the Covid-19 Pandemic

I am a big believer in good cookies to end a dinner – and I mean very good cookies. Recently, I found a greater purpose for these tasty treats. When the lock-downs started to roll through the United States, it was tough to keep in touch with people beyond never-ending mass text chains. If IContinue Reading

Italian Beef Stew

When the cold weather comes it’s time to turn to some classic hearty dishes like beef stew. I have had a lot of tasteless versions of this dish but the deep slow cooking of just a bit of hearty read wine and the beef makes for the base of a delicious sauce. The anchovy pasteContinue Reading

Spatchcock Lemon Rosemary Chicken

If you ever stumble upon one of my favorite restaurants, Le Petit Maison, be sure to pop in and order their lemon chicken – as well as just about everything their legendary chef, Raphael, has on the menu. You can find his spots in London, Dubai, Beirut, and Miami. The original is in Nice andContinue Reading

Marinated Skirt Steak

Wesley Maloney is the king of the kitchen, and for years she would serve up a perfectly charred skirt steak that had marinaded for 24 hours. The oil creates a high flash point that ignites the grill to caramelize the sugar in the ketchup, while the soy already deeply penetrated the beef for rich flavor.Continue Reading

Shrimp and Feta

One of my favorite Greek dishes is shrimp with baked feta, which is often served in a tangy tomato sauce and makes for fantastic small plates for a casual meal. I say casual because to properly cook the shrimp, you’ll need leave the shells and heads on, which makes for a mess best saved forContinue Reading

The “Morton’s” Steak Sandwich

When we were interns and wanted a big night out on the town, we would make our way from Georgetown University summer housing (we were squatters, not students) to Morton’s for happy hour. We’d have enough money for two glasses of wine, but the bartender would bring out complimentary steak sandwiches which we would devourContinue Reading

Tzatziki Cream Cheese

A good bagel can be hard to find, and delicious tzatziki cream cheese to accompany it is even harder. Sometimes, you have to make it for yourself. This Greek mix of herbs and vegetables can put just about every processed vegetable cream cheese to shame. It’s a simple and great addition to any bagel. IngredientsContinue Reading

Spicy Lamb Gravy and Biscuits

This great start to a brunch is a Greek twist on an old southern staple, sausage gravy and biscuits. ย Our true southern neighbor in Washington D.C., Jan, is an expert on all traditional southern regional dishes and has given this new approach a doubleย thumbs up. ย It has a kick to it and the spice inContinue Reading

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