Labor Day 2020

Well, what a summer: a mere pandemic, unrest throughout the country and the world, quarantines, and even the threat of killer bees swarming and eating us alive. Could there be a better reason to kick back in your protective bubble and let loose? Here are some things to think about while enjoying this weekend and re-charging for a crazy political (and flu) season.

All of these menu items should be served with the current mindset of social distancing, so no sharing bowls of dip and so-on. Think smart and serve in smaller, separate bowls so guests can grab and keep their distance as they catch up with friends from a good distance. There is a laundry list of small productive ways to remove as much risk as possible while letting you enjoy this epic weekend and put off all the aggravation until Tuesday at 8AM.

Since it is going to be a long time until we can gather like this again…or hopefully not:

Of course we think back to having parties that didn’t have to have so many rules, but this is just part of the temporary reality.

Life itself is the proper binge.

Julia Child

Cooking Ideas for Labor Day Weekend 2020

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