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Mini Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Don’t judge. Sometimes a tasty snack that reminds you of growing up can be a delicious party treat. I buy high quality mini hotdogs and wrap them in thickly-sliced hickory smoked bacon from the butcher, and they are always the first to go. I am a big fan of “Fork in the Road” min dogs made with pasture-raised beef that I can only find at Whole Foods. I would avoid the basic supermarket mini dogs as they are overly salted, way too small and have little flavor.


  • One package of high quality mini dogs
  • 1 pound hickory smoke bacon from your butcher, thickly sliced

Making it

  • Heat the oven to 400 degrees and place a rack in the center.
  • Lay a slice of bacon on a cutting board. Begin to roll the mini dog until it overlaps by 3/4 of an inch, then put a toothpick through the side where there is the overlap, and push it all the way through.
  • Place on a baking sheet and cook for ten minutes. Flip them and cook for another ten, and serve.

If you are afraid of butter, Use cream.

Julia Child

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