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The Dinner Party for the 4th of July

Outside dinner parties are my favorite, so as soon as spring pops up we head to the outdoors for a fun night of food, wine and fun.

The big parties are over. For at least this summer and likely into the fall.

So, how do you navigate getting together and be as cautious as possible not being, well, a bit too over the top. It’s a balance to be as smart as you can but to ensure it is a fun grouping of people.

There are a million news articles and medical pages dedicated how to limit guests, not have shared dishes like the now famous ground zero chips and dip bowl at a party. But if you are going to take a shot at having people over, only have a few and think through your meals. Here are some ideas of what can be cooked and plated with one plate meals, so you limit the serving interaction, plates and moving around.

Spicy Skillet Clams served with grilled brunch make a create a great summer luncheon. You can also add ground lamb, sausages and so on to make it a more robust meal.
Mustard herbed grilled shrimp with lemon couscous make for a great summer lunch or dinner
Never look past a hot dog for the Fourth of July. Buy 1/4 pound dogs and serve em big!
We used to have a taco bar set up for casual parties, so now just put them together yourself and serve with any pasta salad you choose. One and done.
Homemade individual pizzas to order can also make a fun night and serve with a Greek Salad. Totally winning and keeping a distance.
Grilled spatchcock chicken served with cousous is a perfect summer dinner.
Marinated skirt steaks are one of our favorite meats to grill. Serve this with roasted red peppers and no starches.
Roasted red peppers with basil and olive oil make a perfect side to grilled dinners.

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  1. Renee A. Meyer

    Happy Independence Day … What a Sullivan’s Island or anywhere feast! Our order of 450 American flags was delayed in shipping this month! Although we leave the sentiments at every doorstep!

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