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Helene Cooper’s Birthday Menu

It is Helene Cooper's birthday but we are all in lockdown so this is what we plan to do when we get back on the streets!

Helene Cooper is an amazing cook and entertainer…and author, writer, and so on. If we were not locked-down, this is what I would cook for Helene’s birthday! Some detractors might say she is a little too closely aligned with Ina Garten, a small bakery owner from New York. Regardless, she is a challenge to cook for, as Helene knows her way around the kitchen.

Happy Birthday Helene!

First Up, we would have a cool and refreshing cocktail to greet the guests. Since spring is popping, we would serve up a frozen basil vodka lemonade.

Frozen Basil Vodka Lemonades

As guests arrive and start enjoying their drinks, we would serve tomato basil bruschetta. Helene’s birthday is off-season, so we would use colorful and tasty cherry tomatoes.

Tomato Basil Bruschetta

When the guests are seated we would have a few carpaccio boards out so there would be something to graze on while waiting for the appetizer.

Beef Carpaccio

Not to overdo the hits of basil, but our first course would be a few skillets of lemon butter sautΓ©d clams.

The main course would be a few 4 pound spatchcocked lemon jalapeΓ±o herbed chickens, an amazing shared dish for a fun night with friends.

With plenty of food flowing, a simple and freshly roasted red pepper would be served with the check – no starches – as we wouldn’t want to take away from the grand finale.

Sweet Teensy, of course, would make a spectacular cake!

1 comment on “Helene Cooper’s Birthday Menu

  1. Veda Simpson

    Simply Delicious!!


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