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World Series Game 7 Menu

It’s a baseball game so serve what everyone wants: a delicious hot dog, mac ‘n cheese, chips and dip, bacon, popcorn, and some wine & beer. Don’t over complicate the night as all of these can be made in advance, heated and served during the game, allowing you to enjoy The Nationals as well.

Hot Dogs

We always say great ingredients make great food so forget about heading over to Safeway or even Whole Foods for your dogs, take the drive to Wagshalls and get their delicious home-made kosher hot-dogs. They are meaty fresh treats that are always a crowd pleaser. Make a tasty mac ‘n cheese as the side and you have a complete meal for the crowd, as ketchup is considered a vegetable.

So check out the ever so simple Hot Dog’s and Cabernet menu.

There is also a very easy blue cheese and cilantro dip you can make in seconds to serve with chips.

This is not your ordinary popcorn and will make the game memorable.

Everyone loves something with bacon so check out the many options.

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