A Washington Dinner Party

There are two types of dinner parties in Washington, DC: fun ones and not so fun. We prefer fun parties spending our nights with friends, leaving work at the office. The town loves to have salon dinners that really boil down to tortured indulgences by everyone at the table trying to push their agenda, clients, beliefs, theories and so on. If you are looking forward to a working dinner then the salon dinner is for you. I prefer to talk shop during the day and relax and unwind over delicious food and tasty wine so you regroup for the next day.

Here is a dinner we did the other night upon returning from a long trip overseas. Its a great and fast way to catch up with friends from town. When people arrived we had the sweet and spicy bacon out, resting on a bed of rosemary that infuses the bacon as well as antipasta. As the crowd gathered in full we make some friend cheese curds that are a big hit….and then the courses.

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