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Spring Sunday Supper

As you know, spring is a funny time for cooking because everyone thinks it is summer but the farmers market is still hinting its still winter, especially with those hot house tomatoes on display. I like to dabble into the tomato world but roast them and make a tomato carpaccio that intensifies the flavors and is a great start once for dinner once you have your guests seated.

To welcome guests I put out a salmon ceviche and a cruditΓ©s. It’s a Sunday night so people are not looking for an extra heavy meal and you can make both hours earlier and just put out when the doorbell rings.

I then like to serve a one dish dinner with exotic favors with a southern twist, so I like to make our world famous curry chicken bog. This is a pretty straight forward dish to make and is perfect for a spring night.

As always I like to wrap up the night with our brown butter cookies served with ice-cream,

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