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I like a Super Bowl party with fewer but better items on the menu. As much as I like home-made fast food, such as fried chicken wings, blue cheese dip out of a jar and Velveeta queso, there some easy to make and much tastier alternatives. You can have the flavors of a traditional Super Bowl party but just presented in a different way.

Instead of the traditional wings, I like to serve spicy fried chicken soft tacos. We perfected our simple and fast fried chicken with our famous houstern Jack, before he want on to fame and fortune. This dish has been a hit ever since. But before you get to the main dish of tacos you will want to have some appetizers out and ready, here is what we recommend for the big party:

As guests walk in have these dishes out:

This is our simple variation of the cheese stuffed kielbasa at Gramercy Tavern on New York.
We got this idea from the late night menu at Claridges Hotel in London, where they make a larger version, slightly less cooked. Cutting the dough into squares and pre-baking them makes each pizza crispy and easy to eat.
It’s all about the dip!

When it comes to half-time you should have your taco bar ready so you can serve delicious crispy fried chicken tacos.

These crunchy and spicy tacos are perfect for a Super Bowl Party…think of them as boneless chicken wings but easier to eat and packed with much more flavor. Since there is coleslaw already in the taco, as well as guacamole, there is no need to serve a side dish with it.

For dessert we always get a prepared cake from Angela, the most amazing of cake makers. If you are not near Sweet Teensy then make a batch of our brown butter cookies.

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