The Lunch Salad

Sometimes a salad with shrimp, chicken or beef tossed on top makes for a great lunch. It’s easy to do and you can do it far in advance of your guests arriving. This makes for a great working lunch or a casual Saturday catching up with friends.

First decide what you want to serve, grilled chicken or beef. This is Wesley Maloney’s famous marinade and one of the most popular recipes we have. You can grill a few hours in advance and let rest at room temperature, or cold if it’s hot outside. You should also have a seafood option, so go with either the butter pouched shrimp or grilled pesto shrimp.

When it comes to the salad you have an open canvas from a pasta to lettuce to corn, just pick what you think goes best. I prefer a greek salad as it is heartier and the chunks of feta really make it a gratifying meal.

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