Winter Chicken Dishes

We cook a lot of chicken at LPB and there are definitely dishes that are best for the winter month. We have sorted out the  top three cold weather dishes that are fairly easy to make and people really enjoy.  The biggest favorite is the Curry Chicken Pot Pie with Cheesy Biscuits.  This dish has a real kick to it and can keep a larger crowd fed for dinner.

Curry Chicken Pot Pie with Cheesy Biscuits

If you are just looking for dinner for two or more, simple and flavorful, give a a very simple skillet chicken thigh roast a try.  This is very easy to do and you can serve with a simple, a few glasses of wine and you are done within 90 minutes.

Skillet Chicken Thigh Roast

If you want to go back to the very traditional meal then just roast a chicken.  Very simply buy one or two small birds, pat dry, truss, season with kosher salt and freshly ground pepper.  That is it.  Just take out of the oven, let it rest.

Roast Chicken.  Simple & Delicious

Of course there is a lot more to explore:

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