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Holiday Party Ideas

Christmas at home in Washington, DC

It is that time of the year to splurge, feel tight around he belt and have very bite of food that is put or passed around you.  Here are some of our favorites you might want to try if you are having people over:

Lamb stew is always a favorite to serve at a holiday meal as you can make it the day before and just heat it up, serve it with noodles and be done with it all, a one pot meal that follows some heavy appetizers.

Christmas dinners in Washington take on a life of their own and cooking for forty can always be a challenge but if you keep it simple there is always a way to do it.

These shrimp rolls are easy to make in advance, just stuff the mini rolls just before the party, I also serve them alongside mini cheese-steak sandwiches.  The mini treats are not only delicious but filling for a large gathering.

Remember, they never know what you planned to serve them, so don’t get stressed out by holiday cooking.  You really need to just figure out exactly what you want to serve, what you need to make it all and a detailed schedule to make sure you have time to pull it all together.

We also like to do smaller dinners with close friends to bring a close to the year and kick-off a new one.  No matter what, we always plan our parties to be enjoyable for everyone so we focus on waking the five senses.

Here are some other favorites:

A hearty Greek salad with roasted veggies is a winter favorite and great for large parties,  It is durable and can withstand a few hours of live after it is dressed.
Mini Pizzas made with fresh ingredients and served right from the oven are great for parties and you can assemble them well beforehand.  We got the idea for these flaky puff pastry pizzas from Claridge’s late night menu
Mac n’ Cheese with Brisket!  You can either buy brisket from a high-end BBQ joint or make this dish with short ribs, either way it is amazingly good and can feed a large number of hungry people.
This tasty onion cheese buttery sandwich takes just about 6 minutes to cook. This was made in the kitchen in South Carolina with a Breville panini press.

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