Ice Cream Sandwiches

We do a lot of work related meals and hate to have them actually 100% work related.  Washington is known for the “salon” dinner where people sit around and talk policy all night, which can be important, but there should also be some room to just relax and enjoy the night.  I think the menu can help drive that as well as the entire atmosphere, hence the focus on The Five Senses.

A great idea is a fun dessert that brings you back in time to dinners when you were a kid.  For years we had what was called the Gaucho Party and would always serve these very large imposing cookies filled with ice-cream that were always a big hit.  They are very easy, just make your favorite cookie and fill with your favorite ice-cream, freeze them for a few hours and serve.


Making It

  • Take two cookies, put a large scoop of softened ice-cream in between, press together against a hard surface, wrap then freeze overnight
  • Serve

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