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Halloween Menu

Unless Halloween falls on a Friday or Saturday night, everyone is costumed-out when the actual day comes.  So we like to have a Halloween –no costume– dinner party with a small group of friends to commemorate the season.  Since this will be a weeknight meal, it is a smart idea to pick something that can make in the morning or night before, stick in the fridge and the only this left to do is just pop it in the oven while your party starts.

The answer is the Brisket Mac ‘n Cheese, a great main dish that is delicious and robust. The cheesy pasta that is the mattress and the comforter for the rich brisket is a seasonal treat.  Making it ever more easy, you can buy the brisket from a specialty smoke house or you could substitute that with Braised Short Ribs.  If you do make your own short ribs be sure to drain most of the sauce so it does not become a Mac ‘n Cheese soup.

Since the main course is an absolute stomach filler you can go lite with just about everything else.  I would recommend to having a very tasty Spanish starter that has no cheese but has a very good kick to it:  Roasted Chorizo Sausages on Crisps.

I would then put out some Judy’s Hidden Valley Crackers by the bar and leave it at that.  It’s a weeknight dinner and you are about to break out a monster dish from the oven.  I would serve it with a salad at the same time, preferably a Cucumber Dill Salad, a lite easy to make side to the brisket feast it will be served with.

I would end it with with a Chocolate Mousse or Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies, served with pumpkin ice cream.

Brisket Mac ‘n Cheese


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