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The Sunday Supper

We are mapping out our weekly Sunday supper and the most critical part of the planning is what is at the farmers’ market over the weekend.  Since it is early October, we will still have the last run of tomatoes and some of the new fall treats, so the options are endless

Of course as we plan the night, we think of our key goals of a party.  Or simply put, making sure we hit the five senses of each guest:  sight, sound, smell, touch and taste

So for this Sunday, here is what we are thinking about:

Gruyere Crackers out out by the bar so when guests come then can have a nibble when they make their drink

Appetizers out and ready when guests walk in:

Mini Bacon Toasts with Herbed Mayonnaise

Southern Stuffed Jalapeños

It is starting to be a bit chilly at night, so it is time to bring out the hot soups and since Helene is coming we have to have an Italian twist:

Tuscan Onion Soup (Carabaccia)

After that it is time for the main attraction:

“Spanish” Tomato Bread, and basically this means we have warm crusty country bread out, some fresh tomatoes, olive oil, lemons and people can make their own tomato bread

Beef Short Rib Pasta topped with a herbed creme fraiche

Then for dessert the easy to make and have ready to pull out of the fridge:

Chocolate Mousse topped with Alcohol Infused Whipped Cream

The we have Toffee Cookies bagged for guests as they leave, a trick we learned from Gramercy Tavern in New York,

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