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Fresh Cantaloupe with Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar


When a group of us stayed at a farm house in the south of France, we would head to the local markets each morning and come home with amazing pastries and, of course, freshly picked cantaloupe to serve for breakfast.  We ended up eating melon all day and realized that the store bought ones from back home were oversized and just not that good.  However, in the height of season, locally grown melons are small, fragrant, and juicy.  I like to serve them as a refreshing dessert or cut off the rind, wrap with very thinly sliced prosciutto and serve as an appetizer.


  • Fresh cantaloupes, seeded and cut into boats
  • Aged balsamic vinegar
  • Sea salt
  • You can also take it off the rind and wrap it with prosciutto for an appetizer

Making It

  • Do no refrigerate melon, in a perfect world you serve it the day you buy it at a farm-stand or farmer’s market
  • Cut the melon inn half, scoop out the seeds. cut into boats, drizzle the balsamic, and sprinkle sea salt.  Serve on a platter


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