Fried Chicken Tacos

Yes, you read it correctly. we put together an amazing pool BBQ lunch that had a crunchy and spicy fried chicken strip, two toasted tortillas with Guacamole in between, our Cole Slaw and our world famous blue cheese dressing drizzled on top.

It’s a lot of steps for sure but simplify it in your mind and do it for a big group so you can satisfy a lot of people quickly and cheaply….and you can do most all of it in advance.

Making It

  • Prepare the Guacamole, put plastic wrap on top of it so there is no air, put in fridge
  • Prepare the Cole Slaw and store in fridge, it only gets better over time
  • Make the world famous blue cheese dressing, put in a plastic ‘ketchup’ dispenser and refrigerate
  • Take 6 pounds of boneless chicken and cut into one inch strips, marinate with a 17 oz bottle Sriracha HOT chili sauce for at least 6 hours then follow the recipe for Fried Boneless Chicken Fingers
  • Toast 30 medium flour tortillas over a gas burner or on your grill, till they are lightly charred but not burnt

It’s easy, you should make the guacamole, coleslaw, blue cheese dressing and marinate the chicken in the morning.  That will probably take and hour then you can just fry the chicken during the party, heat the tortillas and you are good to go.  Easy and no hassle.

Once you heat the tortillas then put two tablespoons of guacamole between two of them and press together, layer on the cole slaw, add the fried chicken and dress with the blue cheeses sauce.  That’s its.

Before the fried chicken…

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