Breakfast Burrito

img_5172We have a lot of weekend guests in the South. The nights can run long, so the mornings are a bit of a challenge, especially when the Frozen Vodka with Basil drinks were flowing fast the day before. So on the morning after,  I like to make a breakfast sandwich for guests as they stumble into the kitchen in need of orange juice and coffee.  You know the crowd: those who have to check their Uber account to see when they came home, yet still eager to tell stories of a night they do not remember so well.

To be prepared, I will make all of the burrito ingredients. The only thing I need to do is assemble and put in the panini press, plate it and send them to a corner of the kitchen to recover.


Making It

  • Turn the panini press to medium high and assemble the burrito with goat cheese spread one inch-wide down the middle, put two strips of bacon, four 1/2 wide strips of the red pepper, and three tablespoons of scrambled eggs, cross fold the tortilla and place on the panini for three to four minutes

Serve with a Bloody Mary or Mimosa


…for the really late sleepers…and yes, it is a feast:





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  1. mistimaan

    Nice recipe

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