Frozen Vodka with Basil

img_4287When you hit the high-heat of summer, it’s a signal that you need to take time to think about cocktails that not only refresh but cool your guest’s core tempertature down.  One of our favorite drinks is a frozen vodka slushy with fresh basil served in a mason jar with a straw.  It is crisp, potent and enjoyed by everyone.


  • Ice
  • Lemonaide
  • Vodka
  • Basil

Making It

  • Add 6 basil leafs to the bottom of your blender
  • Fill the blender half-way with ice
  • Pour in lemonaide 2/3 to the top of the ice
  • Complete with the vodka util you reach the top of the ice
  • Blend and pour in mason jars
  • Add one basil leaf and a straw then serve
  • Repeat
A few pitchers of these can really get things going…


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