When you come to the south, you should plan on having some pimento cheese on a cracker, in your grits, on your burger and on and on.  Why?  It is delicious in every form.  Everyone has their own variation of how to make this delight and each recipe is about one degree off from the other.  We make our own pimento, but in a pinch will run over to Harris Teeter and get the Pawleys Island’s Palmetto Cheese w/ Jalapeños. Either way, there are many ways to make it, so it’s just as important as to pick a delivery mechanism that is unique as well.

I like to take our pimento cheese, add some roasted bacon and broil it on top of a crostini to serve at cocktail parties. It’s a year-round party starter and simple to make.  This appetizer is especially unique when served outside of the south.


Making It

  • Let the Roasted Bacon 🥓 cool and then give it a rough chop and mix in with the Pimento Dip
  • Top each of the Crostini with the cheese bacon mix and broil until bubbling
  • Let the crostini toasts cool a bit then serve
Even our friends at Borough Market in London appreciate the true essence of bacon,

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  1. mistimaan

    Looks tasty

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