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Brillat-Savarin Cheese w/ Honey

This is an amazingly easy, creamy and delicious treat for a cheese board or an amuse-bouche. Brillat-Savarin cheese comes from Burgundy and Normandy and is produced all year long. The cheese is a triple-cream brie that is ever so slightly sour, very creamy and silky.Β  When this ultra-creamy cheese is served over a hearty bread with a little honey drizzled, you will see that people will love it and want more. Unless you are in Paris and can walk to your nearby boulangerie, try to hunt down the best baker near you that makes the crustiest artisanal breads in the land.img_9812.jpg

  • 1 loaf of a rustic bread, such as country-style sourdough, baguette or see if your baker has a signature bread that is darkish and nutty. Slice the bread one-quarter inch thick — cut again into bite size pieces — and grill at a high temperature, leaving char marks on the bread
  • 1 wheel of Brillat-Savarin Cheese at room temperature, and I mean really room temperature. Β The wheel is about 1.2 pounds.
  • High quality honey (not packaged in a plastic bottle in the shape of a bear.) Β  You can also use truffled honey 🍯 or lavender honey, depending on your taste preference

Put a good dollop of the cheese on the grilled bread, drizzle a little honey on the cheese and serve immediately.

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