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Mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto

img_4634This is very flavorful cocktail party dish.  It’s easy to make and appears more complex than it really is.  All you need is four ingredients and a frying plan.


  • Thinly (but not paper thin) sliced prosciutto
  • 1 pound of freshly made mozzarella balls cut into strips or chunks
  • Parmasean crisps found at Whole Foods or you can make them yourself
  • Aged balsamic vinegar (15 years or more)

Making It

  • Cut the cheese in strips and wrap prosciutto around it

Time to Cook

  • Place frying pan over medium-high heat
  • Sear the prosciutto-wrapped cheese until the cheese melts, but not completely
  • Drizzle balsamic over the cooked prosciutto and crisps



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