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Vodka Pineapple

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If you have ever been to a Capitol Grille steakhouse you have probably seen a large container of sliced pineapples soaking in vodka at the end of the bar.  Their famed “Stoli Dolis” are a huge hit at parties at home too.  Be sure to warn your guests they are drinking straight vodka that has been mellowed steeping for days in the pineapples.

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  • Pineapples
  • Vodka

Making It

  • This is not a precise art as the number of pineapples needed as it depends on the size of your container. (Secret tip: Go to COSTCO to load up on the hooch and pineapples, which really cuts down on the cost of entertaining.)
  • Cut off the rind of the pineapple and discard then cut into 1 inch slices and stack, filling your container to the top, pour in vodka to the top
  • Let sit for at least 3 and as much as 14 days
  • When serving fill a shaker with ice and then add the pineapple vodka, shake and serve in a martini glass

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