The Le Poisson Rules


Required behavior of all those entering these grounds:

  1. All ranks shall be left outside; similarly, hats — and particularly swords — are not to be carried beyond the Reception Hall.
  2. Gentlemens’ shirts shall cover their shoulders and be worn unless in the manmade lagoon or beach.
  3. Orders of procedure and haughtiness shall be left at the doors.
  4. Be merry, but neither spoil nor break anything.
  5. Be seated, stand or walk, as best please you, but at all times be respectful of others over partisanship shall be saved for Capitol Hill and other such fitting locals.
  6. Speak with moderation and not too loudly so that others have not an earache or headache.
  7. Argue without anger, discuss with passion, but never aim to have the last word.
  8. Do not sigh or yawn, neither bore nor fatigue others.
  9. Agree to partake in any innocent entertainment suggested by others.
  10. Eat well of good things, but drink in relative moderation so that each should be able always to find his legs on leaving these doors.
  11. Resist counting of lard, butter, cream and salt — it makes no matter as you are surely to eat it all regardless of its make.
  12. You are guest in our private abode. What goes in one ear should go out the other before departing our residence.
  13. The last guest should not feel obligated to stay longer than the person who just departed.
  14. Upon waiting for your Uber, horse or transport, do not regale our sleeping neighbors with your reflections of the day.
  15. Electronic carts shall be driven with care and never on the beach.   Simple four seaters are embarrassing for all involved, do not park them nearby.

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